Who can you always count on? Who do you want by your side for life’s biggest challenges? Who do you trust to protect you and your family? You need a steadfast partner for the long haul. You need a great lawyer.

To compete in the American legal arena, great lawyers have to be smart and stubborn and tough. We are tenacious and unfailingly loyal. We never run from a fight. We litigate.

American lawyers are woven into the fabric of American society. We wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. We rebel against the idea of going along with something just because that’s how it’s always been done.

Great lawyers analyze, strategize and invent ways to overcome obstacles. If we can’t find a way, we make a way. We enjoy solving problems, and we’re good at it. We are unfazed when the fight looks unfair. We never give up.

The bulldog shares the legacy of the American lawyer. The bulldog was originally bred to jump up, grab a bull by the nose and drag it to the ground. The fight was never fair, but the bulldog faced the challenge and never gave up. The bulldog is tenacious, unfailingly loyal, and never runs from a fight.

Whatever legal challenge confronts you, whether you have been in an accident, charged with a crime, or face a divorce, the outcome of your case will have a lasting effect on you and your family. You need a trusted ally, an unfailingly loyal and tenacious advocate who will always be on your side.

You need a steadfast partner for the long haul. You need a Great Lawyer.